Elementary School Fiction Classes

During the year of 2012, I've had a few different writing/fiction projects.  I taught two writing classes--one for roughly 60 sixth graders, and another for 90 fifth graders.  These classes were taught one hour a week for a six week period. 

The sixth grade class was on writing fairy tale sequels, using characters the students were familiar with.  These are basically twisted fairy tales, but they happen following the fairy tale we've already been told.  Therefore, the story problem is based on the fact that the hero in the first story accomplished their goal, and this story deals with the fallout.  We discussed the idea that there are always consequences to actions, and accomplishing a goal is a huge action.  (Just one example of how the fiction lessons I teach have practical application in the lives of the students--the idea of choice and responsibility.) 

The fifth grade class was on writing hero stories.  The students created their own heroes with some sort of special ability.  We talked about how our weaknesses and our fears are often tied together, and hero stories are about facing our fears and turning weaknesses into strengths.  I love using Pixar stories as examples, and we used an extra on the Toy Story 3 Blu Ray which gave excellent instruction on how to begin a story.  Pixar is well known for the company's focus on good stories and characters with goals.  Usually, my classes are accompanied by a Pixar clip.  In fact, I wonder sometimes if the students look forward to my classes because of the clips I use. 

If you are interested in having me teach fiction classes at your school, contact me at amymaidawadsworth@gmail.com


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