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Sure on This Shining Night

Yesterday was a full day! Because we are down to one car and Jason had to work, which meant he would be hurrying downtown for the concerts, I left the house at 11:30 to catch the bus. It's been a long time since I rode the bus alone downtown. It wasn't bad, but I felt pretty silly wearing my formal with tennis shoes. (I didn't want to walk to the bus and then to temple square in my heels--probably a good decision given the fact that my feet were killing me and I could barely walk by the end of the night!)

We met at the Tabernacle at 1:00 and rehearsed until 4. After an hour break for dinner, we had our first concert. This concert was added because the Tickets to the first scheduled concert (7:30) were gone so quickly. I took a few pics while the band was warming up. How often does someone like me have the opportunity to get this close to the pipes?

A little way into the first concert, Kelly DeHaan, our director, left. I wondered if he was sick or something, but he was direct…

I need more online dating stories!

I've been debating on creating a fake identity for myself and getting on an LDS singles site so that I can look at the profiles and stuff. I'm not sure it would be good, though. I don't want anyone asking me out. (yikes!) Anybody willing to share their experiences with me? What's it like looking at the profiles? I was at a nail salon a while ago with Maida and a bunch of the girls there who weren't working at the time were looking at myspace profiles and talking about the guys in Vietnamese. It was rather humorous to watch them chat about these guys even though I didn't understand a word they said.


So, I officially started the singles novel today. It's shaping up in my head as a "Jane Austen Book Club" type of book--several different characters with the same goal who meet together once a month for dinner and a good venting. I've only heard two stories so far, and I'd love more! Hopefully it will come together well and I'll be able to do the stories justice.