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I've been thinking a lot about identity. Partially because it's a theme in my next book, and partially because my credit sucks. If someone tried to define me by what they saw on paper, how accurate a definition would it be? Are we defined by our spending habits, our surfing habits, the little digital and DNA trails we leave everywhere we go? If all of that information was collected into one area, would that completely define us? It would certainly say a lot. It would reveal our bad habits, our addictions, what we find relaxing, what we believe in. It would show us how we let off steam and how we deal with stress. I complain that I have lots of bills, but I'm guessing 70% of my money last month went to food and gas--after the mortgage payment. It's sad how many times I go to Burger King.

I think the one, and perhaps most important, thing that digital and physical information wouldn't define is potential. The evidence against us can't crush who we are be…

An Ode to Marriage

I like being married. I really do. It's not always the easiest thing, don't get me wrong, but it's so wonderful to have someone to grow with. Someone to be vulnerable with who won't take that vulnerability and use it against you. My husband and I had a bit of a tiff last night, AFTER he bought me roses and didn't tell me about them. We made up, and he gave me the roses. He could have held that against me and given them to someone else. (We're actors. He gives flowers to other women all the time.) But he didn't. He gave them to me. He held my hand and stood by me. It's so nice to feel like he will stand by me no matter what. We've been together almost 18 years, and I am more sure that he will stand by me than I have ever been. How wonderful is that? It's nice to be in love with someone I've been through so much with. It's even nicer to know he loves me back.

Something new.

So, I've always believed in learning by trying something new. My hobbies have been many and varied. I think I'll try blogging now. I can see how this could become time consuming and addictive... Let's try it!