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"It's Important to Me!"-Point of View fiction writing class

Today was a fabulous day!  Probably one of my favorite teaching opportunities occurred at Write for the Heights, located in the Whitmore Library Conference room.  Three hours of instruction and workshops, free to the public. (To find out more about this program, check out the page "Write for the Heights 2012" on the home page of my blog.)  I shared techniques I've gleaned through my past ten years of writing, researching, editing and teaching.  Approximately 40 people were in attendance, and responses were very positive.  A huge thank you to those who were able to attend!  This blog post includes notes from the lecture in case you weren't able to take notes as I rambled on, or if you missed the class.  This is long, but so was the class.  :)  Enjoy!

These techniques were gleaned from my personal experiences and understanding as well as concepts taught in the following books:  "Techniques of the Selling Writer" by Dwight V. Swain, "Scene & Structur…