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The Big Bang Theory--Creating Great Beginnings

Here are the PowerPoint notes from the writing workshop held on August 11.  I highly encourage you to purchase the books recommended.  Mark them up and practice the concepts they teach.  You'll learn far more from these amazing authors and teachers than you will from me! 

Part 1: Story basics—review

žCharacters are key.
žPoint of view—the point of view character provides the body and mind through which we experience the story.
žEmotion is the key to any story. The point of view character shows us how to feel about the story’s events.
žStories start with character and continue with conflict.Without conflict, there is no story.

žThe choice cycle is the basic element of fiction.It ties your reader into point of view, provides setting through sensory input, and provides emotional interpretation of events through the character’s evaluation and choice žIf the choice cycle is the story atom, then scenes and sequels are story molecules—scenes and sequels are made of choice cycles. žA scene is a…

Now available for Kindle!

A couple of days ago, I got an unexpected check in the mail.  Just over $7.  It's better than a kick in the teeth!  But the coolest thing about this check is that it is a royalty check from the re-release of all three of my books for Kindle!  Apparently, the books were released in January, and I never even knew it.  I guess that explains why they wouldn't release the rights to me--they had plans.  :) 

So, if you like the Kindle and you don't have my book yet, check it out.  And if you know someone who would like any of my books, pass on the info.  Yay! 

Here's the link.