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New Year Poem

I'd like to be clever
or witty or wise,
and sum up my year--
both the lows and the highs--
with a bit of free verse
or some fun lines that rhyme,
but rhymes give me trouble
most of the time.
I hem and I haw
as I think "What to write?"
I wonder and ponder
for most of the night.
I type and delete
then I type something else.
I'm distracted by T.V.
in spite of myself.
At twelve, the ball drops
and it's 2010.
The annual cycle
begins once again.
The kids are all older
and much taller too.
They come and they go,
they've got so much to do.
Jason's added new shows
to his vast repertoire.
Maida's been working
to buy her own car.
Jessi's adorable,
funny and sweet.
Russell's so great
he knocks me off my feet.
Kira is happy,
the big snuggle bug!
Be sure to come find her
if you need a hug!
A million thoughts tumble
as everyone cheers.
Time passes quickly,
in moments and years.
Love remains constant
'mid passage of time,
'mid highs and '…