Writing Classes and Coaching

I often get questions about my writing classes.  I usually teach through community ed in various school districts, or at writer's conferences. Due to a busy life, I don't teach classes as often as I'd like.  I speak at writer's conferences whenever possible, but since the writing class I designed was a six week course, it doesn't happen often.  So, I've decided to design the classes so they can be taken any time, by anyone.  The classes are taught online through e-mail.  I send the course outline and exercises, and the student completes the exercises and sends them back to me.  I offer feedback.  Then, when the student is ready, they send me a scene, outline, or chapter (depending on the subject) and I critique their work using Microsoft Word and tracked changes with comments in the document.

I currently offer six courses.  Each course includes 1) a link to a blog post written to address and advise in the given subject area, 2) samples which demonstrate how apply that advice in the given area, 3) a sample for you to practice on, 4) a scene, outline, or chapter critique, (in which you send me a scene, outline, or chapter you have been working on) focusing on the subject area.  The cost for each course is between $75 and $100 as some classes are more time-intensive than others.

The following subjects are addressed in classes:

The Hook
Narrator and Point of View
The Choice Cycle
Conflict, Story Problem, and Character Arc
Pacing and Emotion
Plotting the Climax

If you're interested in taking a class, contact me through this site, listing your chosen class(es) in the message section.  I will contact you to finalize payment and scheduling issues.


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